Dental crown hovering over prepared tooth

Dental Crowns

Living with a damaged tooth can be painful and make it difficult to eat and speak, and even detract from the appearance of your smile.

The team at our Westfield, MA, practice can place a custom-fabricated dental crown to restore the strength and function of your smile.

Can you benefit from receiving a dental crown?

Dental crown hovering over prepared tooth

Dental Crowns Are a Trusted Restorative Solution

Repair & Protect Your Tooth

Dental crowns protect compromised teeth from further harm. Without treatment, many common conditions will progress to the point where a tooth extraction is necessary. 

Durable Materials 

With proper maintenance, dental crowns can last up to 10 years or longer. There are a variety of crown materials available and we will recommend the best type depending on your needs. 

Natural-Looking Results

If aesthetics are a priority, a tooth-colored dental crown can be provided. With advancements in materials, dental crowns very closely resemble your natural teeth

How is a dental crown placed? 

Crowns not only feel great...

When is a crown recommended

Do you qualify for dental crown treatment?

To Receive a Crown, You Should Have:

A Treatable Concern

Dental crowns need to be attached to healthy dental tissue. If your tooth is too damaged or beyond repair, a tooth extraction may be the best treatment option. Fortunately, our doctors offer implant-supported crowns in-house and can perform your treatment shortly after extraction.

Realistic Expectations

Although dental crowns can last for many years, they won't last forever. Your crown will need to be replaced every decade or so. Because your tooth will be resized in preparation for a dental crown, you will always need to keep your crown maintained to prevent further damage.

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