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Kasperowski Family Dentistry specializes in expert dental care from general to preventive and restorative, implant, and cosmetic services. A listing of common dental services follows:

Preventive and maintenance procedures — Provided for a lifetime of optimal dental health, including:

  • Oral cancer screening
  • Oral hygiene instruction (brushing, flossing and cleaning gums)
  • Cavities/caries control and prevention
  • Diet recommendations
  • Fluoridation/fluoride supplements
  • Infection control (practiced throughout every procedure)
  • Mouthguards
  • Plaque control
  • Sealants
  • X-rays

At-home teeth whitening products — Placed in custom-fabricated trays, a bleaching gel will whiten your teeth safely when used as little as one to two hours a day for as few as two weeks.

Veneers — Thin, custom-made shells are created out of tooth-colored ceramic and fitted to cover the front side of your teeth. After removing a small amount of tooth enamel, custom-made veneers are permanently bonded to your teeth. The result is a spectacular smile that can change tooth shape, color and even your outlook on life!

Bonding — We can mend chips, cracks, stains and gaps using this wonderful, proven technique. Special composite resin materials are blended in a color carefully chosen to match your tooth, applied to it, then shaped into just the right contours and hardened (bonded) in place. The result is an instant, noticeable change you’ll love.

Tooth-colored fillings — In contrast to traditional silver fillings, we can create a filling that complements your tooth color and blends in to create a more natural looking smile. These fillings may be done in either one or two visits depending on the condition of your tooth and the type of filling required. You no longer need to see those dark silver or grey spots on your teeth!

Crowns — Covering and supporting a weak or broken tooth, crowns can make your tooth stronger and improve its appearance. It can also be used to attach a bridge, restore a dental implant or cover teeth that are discolored or poorly shaped. Our crowns can be made to mimic existing teeth or changed to enhance your smile.

Bridges — Missing teeth can be replaced with artificial teeth to help maintain the shape of your face and alleviate the stress in your bite. The restoration can be made from gold, alloy, porcelain or a combination of these materials and is attached onto surrounding teeth for support. Unsightly gaps can be eliminated resulting in enhanced chewing ability and a better appearance.

Dentures (conventional, immediate and removable) — We can fit you with dentures, full or partial to restore multiple missing teeth and provide proper function and appearance.

Implants — Can be used to replace a missing tooth, as a support for a bridge to replace more missing teeth or to secure a denture. A dental implant is a man-made artificial tooth root made of titanium — the same metal used to replace artificial joints in the body. Placed in the jaw, implants are fitted with a custom-fabricated restoration after a short healing period of four to six months. This is the ultimate in tooth replacement. We also offer All-on-4 Dental Implants.

Mini Implants- Commonly used underneath full and partial dentures in order to provide dramatic improvements to stability and retention. Mini implants are smaller and less invasive than traditional implants.

Invisalign — Very few people have naturally straight teeth. And for years, braces were the only option. Until now.
Invisalign uses a series of nearly undetectable aligners instead of brackets and wires. So it’s really hard for people to tell you’re wearing Invisalign even up close. Invisalign can give you the smile you’ve always wanted without the braces you’ve always avoided.

Sealants— Resin based materials can be bonded onto the chewing surfaces of teeth to seal deep grooves that may catch food. Sealants are a conservative way to minimize the incidence of cavities on these surfaces.

Emergency Services- One of our doctors is on call 24 hrs a day to help our existing patients manage dental emergencies.

If you have questions or would like more information about Kasperowski Family Dentistry please contact us or call us today at (413) 562-5494.

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At Kasperowski Family Dentistry, our priority is providing an exceptional dental experience by focusing on:

  • Comprehensive treatment
  • The needs of patients of all ages
  • A comfortable environment
  • Personalized, patient-centric care

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