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If you have tooth pain, a sensitive tooth, or a consistent unpleasant taste in your mouth, you may have a tooth infection. 

Endodontic treatment can remove diseased pulp from your root canal, relieving your tooth pain.

The dentists at Kasperowski Family Dentistry in Westfield, MA, have endodontic training that can restore your quality of life.

We Offer Free Second Opinions

If your dentist recommended endodontic treatment, our doctors are happy to examine your oral health and evaluate your dentist's diagnosis for free. Contact us to request an appointment now.

Why Choose Dentists With Endodontic Training? 

Endodontists are dentists who specialize in the health of the dental pulp, nerves, blood vessels, and tissues inside a tooth and its roots. If you have a complex dental issue involving tooth roots and pulp, endodontics can restore your tooth's health. 

While endodontists are a type of dentist with specialized training in endodontics, you don't need to make a special trip to an endodontist to receive endodontic care. Two of our dentists at Kasperowski Family Dentistry have advanced endodontic training, allowing them to perform complex endodontic work that goes beyond the scope of their general dental training. 

What Endodontics Can Do For You

Relieve Pain

An infected tooth can cause pain when you're chewing, speaking, or even doing nothing at all. During your dental appointment, your dentist can relieve your pain by removing the infected tissue from your tooth.

Preserve Your Tooth

If you get to our Westfield, MA, office before the tooth is compromised, a root canal treatment can save some of your natural tooth. Our doctors can then strengthen the tooth with a dental crown. A tooth that has been infected for too long may no longer be treatable. If this is the case, extraction may be the best option.

Save Your Oral Health

Dentists who have endodontic training like the doctors at our Westfield office can prevent dental infections from spreading to your gums and other teeth. If left unaddressed, an oral infection can cause you to lose multiple teeth. 

Meet Our Dentists With Endodontic Training  

​Doctor Bryan Kasperowski, DMD FAGD
Bryan Kasperowski, DMD FAGD
Doctor ​Meghan Kelley, DMD
​Meghan Kelley, DMD
Our practice includes two endodontic specialists. Bryan Kasperowski, DMD FAGD, has received extensive training in endodontic therapy, pain management, implant surgery, and more. Meghan Kelley, DMD, completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry in Chicopee, MA, which included advanced training in restorative dentistry, endodontics, and periodontics. 

If your dentist believes you have infected pulp and may need a level of care that an endodontist can provide, our Westfield, MA, dentists can gently treat your oral health issues and save as much of your natural tooth as possible.  

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As always, they are all friendly, understanding, and informative. They've been taking good care of us for many years!

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Best experience at a dental office visit. This was my first appointment there. I will continue my dental treatment there.

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Signs You Have a Root Canal Infection

If the soft tissue inside of your tooth becomes infected, you will likely experience some of these symptoms:
Root canal model
  • Toothache
  • Pain when biting
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Swelling in your gums or face
  • A pimple on your gum 
  • A consistent bad taste in your mouth

What If My Tooth No Longer Hurts?

You still need endodontic treatment even if you no longer feel tooth pain. It is likely that the tooth roots have died. The infected pulp is still inside your tooth and will spread to other areas of the mouth without the proper endodontic procedure.

Our Dental Crowns Are Strong and Natural Looking 

After root canal treatment, your remaining tooth will be weaker than before it was infected. A dental crown can protect the tooth from any further damage. 

Our Westfield, MA, dental office uses advanced materials that are engineered to withstand normal biting forces. If properly cared for, your dental crown can last a decade or longer. 

Dental Crown

Can't I Just Get an Extraction?

An extraction is an alternative to endodontics. However, it carries drawbacks. Because jawbone tissue may recede without stimulation from a tooth root, you may face jawbone atrophy unless you undergo dental implant surgery. While implant-supported prosthetics are great alternatives for tooth loss, treatment takes several months and is not covered by insurance.

By seeking an endodontic appointment when you first experience signs of a root canal infection, you can save money and your oral health. 

If You Need an Endodontic Specialist Contact Us Today

If you need the skillset of an endodontist or endodontic specialist, contact our Westfield office today.

Our dentists provide high-quality endodontic care while providing excellent customer service. Our caring team has more than 50 years of experience and exercises the utmost care for all patients. We have the results and consistent patient satisfaction that you can rely on.

My Tooth Is Compromised. Now What?

If your tooth is too infected to treat, extracting it will save your oral health. 

After your tooth is pulled, our dentists may recommend replacing it with an implant-supported crown. 

Implants can last a lifetime with the proper care. They prevent jawbone atrophy and help retain your remaining teeth. Dr. Alan Kasperowski has extensive experience in the design and restoration of dental implants. 

Request an appointment at Kasperowski Family Dentistry to see if you qualify for dental implants.

Dental crown implant

Covering Treatment Costs 

Endodontic procedures like root canal treatment are considered restorative dentistry. Your dental insurance may cover part or all of your endodontic treatment. Kasperowski Family Dentistry accepts most dental insurance plans and will confirm how extensive your coverage is before your procedure. Be sure to check if your plan requires a referral from your dentist. 

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Lori Martin-Lukomski


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Recently switched to Kasperowski Family Dentistry. My old dentist said I needed a root canal ($$$$). Dr. Udelson found a crack (that my old dentist didn't see somehow) and repaired with a filling ($). Couldn't be happier with the switch.

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Meghan Kelley is the best dentist I have ever had! Very professional, personable, and cares about your comfort and concerns. Takes the time to explain everything and answer all questions asked thoroughly. Highly recommend!!

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